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In Brecon today a possible 4th record in Wales (in Aderyn) for the kleptoparasite Cacoxenus indagato

Updated: May 17, 2022

Photo: Keith Noble

Ok, I grant that this isn't a bee or wasp - it is a fly, but it's an interesting one that's linked with bees. It will go into the nests of Red Mason bees and lay its eggs, after sneaking into an empty cell that is already provisioned with food.

Keith Noble recorded this fly last week and it is noted that it is the 4th record for the county.

This species of 'fruit fly' has only been recorded in Breconshire a few times and with observations of Red Mason nesting sites at this time of year, I'm sure that we can record more!

Keep your eyes peeled and cameras handy.

Do send your records to the Biodiversity Information Service BIS :: Home

Radnorshire Record for Cacoxenus indagato

Excitingly there is now a possible record of the fly from Radnorshire too! Stephen has recorded and informed BIS of his sighting = possibly a first record for Radnorshire if confirmed.

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