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The Radnorshire and Breconshire Recording Website

Welcome to the Radnorshire and Breconshire recording website for bees and wasps.


It has been created as a way to share my interest and sightings of the bees and wasps of the Counties of Radnorshire and Breconshire. Hopefully it may enthuse others to start recording bees and wasps. It would be nice to share their sightings and records, with permission of course!


There is a designated space at the bottom of the introductory page on the site, to send in your records of bees and wasps if you would like. Once received, the records will go to BIS, the Biodiversity Information Service, which is the Local Records Centre for Powys.


I have used mostly Latin names for the species. Recently, bees have had common names assigned to them, so when possible I will add these. However, some solitary wasp species do not have common names, so please bear with it.


The photos were taken by myself, unless credited otherwise. This website is not affiliated to any other website or organisation.


Thanks, Janice :) 12 August, 2020

Vice County Recorder for bees and wasps, VC42 and VC43, Radnorshire and Breconshire.

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